We’ve waited years for this

Rohan 36 Bedford Street, Exeter

We’ve waited years for this…

I lost count of how many times you told me this on the 28th December, nevertheless, I was excited to hear it every time.

Thank you to everyone who welcomed us into Exeter on our first day of sale and thank you especially for the great feedback about how pleased you are to see us there.

We had a great couple of days. We spent the 27th December finishing preparing the stock and making the place tidy. We then had a nice evening out with Kevan & Nettie at the Bay Leaf Indian Restaurant on Magdalen Street (Which if you haven’t tried, you should do, it was excellent)

We opened the doors at 9.00am on the 28th and you kept us busy, entertained and on our toes until 3pm when I managed to get a quick sandwich run in for the team. At our busiest we had people trying on items in our pop up (shower tent) fitting rooms, 2 people changing in our tiny stock room, and one further person changing on the shop floor, while this was happening there were a further 5-6 people in the queue waiting to pay. What was most striking is the tolerance and understanding you all showed us, there were no lost tempers and no complaints, thank you all very much for your patience.

I did try to explain to as many people as possible about our plans for the shop, for those that I missed, and those yet to visit us, here’s what we are going to do with our representation in the South West:-

1. The Exeter shop will remain in its current “pop up” format until the sale finishes on 21st January 2012
2. Our Taunton shop will permanently close on the 7th January 2012. We hope that if you previously shopped with us at Taunton you will continue to visit us at Exeter or Dunster.
3. The Exeter shop will close on 22nd January for 2 weeks for a refit.
4. The Exeter shop will then re-open in its fully kitted out format in time for our Spring Summer collection to be launched.
5. We have a 10 year lease on this unit, so we will be here for at least that long.

Please do call in and see Nettie & Kevan in their new shop, they too have waited years for this and are more excited to be in Exeter than any of us could ever be.

Woodbridge, The Thoroughfare, (Suffolk) is our next shop, subject to completion of a lease we will be fitting that one out after we have re-fitted Exeter. I am hopeful we will be greeted there as well as we were in Exeter.

Ian Palmer – Rohan Retail Director

Shop address: 36 Bedford Street, Exeter  EX1 1GJ in the Princesshay Shopping Centre.

Temporary Telephone  Number: 07921 062 285

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