Postmodernism & Outdoor Gear

I bet you never thought you would read the words Postmodernism and Outdoor Gear in the same sentence?

I have just been reading about a new exhibition at the V&A – Postmodernism Style and Subversion 1970 – 1990

I thought this was worth looking into the period covered 1970 – 1990 the early Rohan years and the design influences during the time when Rohan was developing so fast.

This is part of the text in the introduction to the exhibition:

Postmodernism shattered established ideas about style. It brought a radical freedom to art and design, through gestures that were often funny, sometimes confrontational and occasionally absurd. Most of all, postmodernism brought a new self-awareness about style itselfread more

It helps to answer the questions…

What does postmodernism mean, and where did it come from?

The V&A explores these questions in the exhibition Postmodernism: Style and Subversion 1970–1990.

I plan to visit before the exhibition ends on January 15th 2012 if you have visited already please share your thoughts. Then we can discuss Postmodernism, Outdoor Gear and the influences that existed during those 20 years. Video – Postmodernism at the V&A


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