My first half marathon – update

Marina, Maz wearing red hair band & girls on Sunday morning

Marina, Maz wearing red hair band & girls

Thanks to the invitation for free personal training for women running their first half marathon with I started my training at the end of July.

The first part on Rohantime covers when I started. This is my second article and the third will detail the outcome.

The reason I took on the challenge is to build up my mental and physical stamina and fitness and practice and changing perception as to what I CAN do. Also, being fitter for me is strengthening my physical vitality and ‘youthfulness’.

My husband joined me in my regular training three times a week apart from when it was Maz ladies training. Then we registered’ officially’ together to do our first half marathon with our donation. We intend to raise at least £300 towards Wokingham Cultural Partnership – More Arts charity.

Stephen joined me at the ‘Ladies evening’ in the Rohan Guildford shop when we purchased a few items. We bought Rohan ‘Striders trousers’. I agree totally that Striders are amazingly comfortable trousers and great for running. We are both delighted with our running ‘Strider’ trousers especially for winter runs. We also bought the ‘Microgrid Stowaway Zip Jacket’ with ‘Core Silver T’ as his based layer. Rohan ‘Cool and Cold Long Socks’ for women and men are great for comfort especially in the early morning.

We have both been using Rohan clothing as our running outfits. I love that they are not obviously running clothes and yet are very functional for running and dry quickly when washed.

Maz supported us with regular Sunday morning trainings every second week. Maze’s passion and love for running, fitness comes across in her caring and pragmatic way, so that everyone who participated was supported, as much as they needed. It has been very helpful doing a combination of interval, long distance and hill training on a regular basis.

She is like a ‘Wonder Woman’ and occasionally she even runs pushing her two sons in a ‘sports’ buggies.

Since the middle of November after Maz discussed upping our training regime tempo we increased our training to focus on longer walks/runs every 2nd and 4th Sunday. We are now up to 8.15 miles as of 18th December. The good news is that timing in which we did this was the same as it used to take us to do 5 miles. On Christmas Day was shorter (about 3.2 miles) and  finish by 10am with Bucksfizz. In January Maz offered to do weekly training to build up to 11 miles by the end of January. Maz also suggested that in last month we introduce four middle distance runs, along side two intervals, and one long distance.

Developing running skill is important about training the body to get use to a new pace and distance. It is also important to mentally deciding ‘I CAN DO THIS’ before every run.

As I am facilitating people to welcome the Change (as Stop Smoking Advisor) and being aware of their passions through my business I am applying it in my running and ‘Walking my talk’ so to speak.

Before every run I make the decision ‘I can do this’. When you say I CAN that means you are opening up to figure out just ‘how’. Then in order to focus on the positive I ask my intuition “Show me healthy, joyous and co-operative ways with my body to do this walk/run” ?

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