Return from South Africa

Return from South Africa

You may have seen on this site that Rohan recently aided 16 Cadets and 6 Cadet Force Adult Volunteers of the Norfolk Army Cadet Force on an expedition to South Africa and I’m sure you’ll be pleased to hear they all returned safe and sound. The main purpose of the trip was to give a new experience and a clear insight into the lifestyles and history of a very different and diverse culture.

Five days were spent Crossing the Umfoloz which was real challenge however after close encounters with black and white rhinos, elephants, Cape buffalo’s and lions, camping near baboons and sleeping metres above crocodiles became an accepted past time and made the cadets respect the Wilderness Leadership School Zulu Guides even more for their knowledge and dedication to making their Trail safe and enjoyable.

The groups soon realised that animals have a lot more character in their natural habitat and this was added to by having to complete a continuous night watch after darkness fell, this involved each member taking a seventy five minute night watch to patrol the camp perimeter warding off wild animals that might wander into our campsite by shining a torch. As there were no watches time was judged by the stars or if it was cloudy, which it often was, simply just guessed! Seeing hyena in the torch beam only five metres away and hearing a leopard roaring near by quickly focuses the mind!

Staying for two days at a Zulu homestead gave an insight into the lives of those from a different culture. The experience was nothing like the group thought it might be, on the first night the Zulu’s performed some dances and the cadets reciprocated by giving a drill display. They were introduced to the local Nyana, a male herbal healer and the Sangoma a female spiritual healer, they played endless football games with the Zulu children and experienced stick fighting, a pastime still carried out by young Zulu men.

Overall the trip provided both an enjoyable and interesting experience that the Team at Rohan Norwich were more than pleased to support.

If your going on a similar trip or even are just feeling the Winter Cold why not pop in and see Fiona and the team at our New Norwich Shop located at the Back of the Inns.

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