Change of lifestyle? Get a puppy!

Hello My Name is Scrappy Nelson

If you want a change of lifestyle, get a puppy!

I started 2011 excited by the strong finish to 2010 and anticipating a great start to the year. I leave the year with mixed emotions, sadness at some closures we have been forced to make and excited by the openings we have made.

It’s been a tough year, but one that has really shown that so many Rohan wearers have decided that our clothes and gear remain a wise investment even in difficult times.

It is sad that leases end and shops close, this has affected us in Belfast & in Taunton. The timing of this happening around Christmas makes it even more difficult and it is with sadness we are forced to lose some brilliant team members.

It is a sign of the strength of our brand and more importantly the amazing support provided by our customers that we have been able to open successful shops in these tough times, and I am delighted to welcome Cheltenham, Perth & Exeter to the Rohan family during the year.

I think that one of the key messages that came out of this year for me is that it is not what we buy that makes us happy, it is what we do with what we buy. That’s what makes our gear so special. I like to think we provide potential for adventure as much as we provide outdoor gear. The definition of adventure is of course different for all of us, but that what makes our gear so brilliant, it can accommodate and support all those different definitions.

Here’s what I learnt from my adventures…..

My JOGLE adventure taught me that it’s not my Elite jacket that excites me, it’s the potential for adventure in all weathers that excites me. It’s the Elite jacket that protected me while I did it.

A week in beautiful Achiltibuie in 70mph winds and rain taught me that it’s not my Hilltop jacket that excites me its exploring the hills and being warm, dry and safe whatever the weather that excites me. It’s the Hilltop jacket (and Dry Trailblazers and Manang boots) that made it possible.

Without the gear would I still do the adventures? Well yes, of course, I just wouldn’t be as comfortable and protected against the elements and that’s why I love this brand.

So what about 2012?

The best thing about adventure is that it can cost as much or as little as we choose. From visiting the Petit Moreno Glacier, Argentina (the graphic currently behind our tills) to walking in the local forest, these are all adventures and can all be made possible by the usage of the right gear. And I think that is what will give us the edge during 2012, our gear supports and helps make possible that entire range of adventure, not many people can state that.

For Rohan, our adventure is going to be (hopefully) opening shops in Woodbridge, Durham, Hebden Bridge & Barnard Castle. It will also be the launch of our new “Rider” cycle range and of course it will be to continue to provide top quality clothing, making activity and adventure possible for our like minded friends and hopefully, the like minded friends you introduce to us.

For me personally adventure in 2012 has already arrived in the shape of an 8 week old Border Terrier puppy called “Scrappy Nelson”. Whereas in 2011 my Elite Jacket helped make cycling from John O Groats to Lands End possible, next year, my Elite Jacket will make runs in the Woburn Trails (if you haven’t been, you must, it is brilliant) with a puppy possible. Same gear, different adventure, all fun, that’s what it’s all about for me!

Thank You

Thank you to everyone who supported Rohan during 2011, we are lucky to have such a supportive and passionate group of people around us. Thank you also to everyone who commented and joined in my JOGLE adventure this year.

As well as with my family I will be sharing this Christmas with Kevan & Nettie Scott opening their new Exeter shop in the Princesshay shopping centre. If you are local, and can make it, please come and see us, we will be open on the 28th December. (To help celebrate this Christmas opening we will give you an additional 10% off all prices including sale items)

Whatever you choose to do, have a great Christmas and adventurous new year.   

Ian Palmer – Rohan Retail Director



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