Tim Jasper Rohan Review 2011

Tim Jasper

Tim Jasper, Rohan Brand Director looks back on 2011.

 Another year gone already. And a tough year in business for many.

Times of deep economic uncertainty and rising costs have meant that 2011 has been a time for consolidation and for thinking even more carefully about where we spend our money and on what.

I’m very pleased that so many Rohan wearers this year have decided that our clothes and gear remain a wise investment – even though things look so uncertain everywhere.

We have been thinking a bit more deeply about the true strengths of Rohan and why it’s worth the investment.

The principle reason – and this is one of those things that is revealed through use rather than through a “marketing message” – is just how versatile almost all Rohan clothing is. Every single piece of Rohan is designed to be as useful as possible, which means that although it will work superbly for its intended use, when you start wearing it you’ll find it will do a whole lot more.

What this really means is that if you choose Rohan you will ultimately need to buy and own less clothing.

As part of this versatility we pay particular attention to the appearance, colouring and styling of our gear too: it’s intentionally “quieter” and less sporty than a lot of technical clothing. So you can wear it for all aspects of your life, without looking like you’ve just come off the mountain.

The next reason is quality and longevity. Everything we do is built to the best possible standards and by using high quality performance fabrics we build in a much longer, more useful lifespan than you get with regular clothing. And it’s easier to look after too.

It looks like many of you appreciate this. I’m grateful that you continue to spread the word to like-minded friends who are looking for these key qualities of usefulness, versatility, performance and longevity.

As a relatively small company we can’t indulge in the expensive gamble of extensive advertising. We prefer to keep things the way they are: building our company steadily and honestly through genuine word-of-mouth and your personal endorsement. Thank you!

So, looking forward to 2012, what do we see?

The economic climate doesn’t look like it’s going to get better. Many of us think it will get worse as cuts come home and unemployment levels and costs continue to rise. Global growth continues to slow.

Perhaps deeper than this we may at last be nearing the end of an unprecedented period of consumerism. Maybe there will be far-reaching social changes.

Most Rohan wearers know this already: it’s not the stuff you buy that makes you happy.

It’s the people you know and the things you do that give the deep seated potential for real happiness in life.

We’d be proud to continue to play our small part of this.

For an active, adventurous life you need the right gear – and we make Rohan as best we can to do the most for you.

At the turning of the year it’s natural to reflect on times gone by and to plan for the future.

I hope you have a thoroughly enjoyable, convivial Yule with the people who mean the most to you.

And that next year brings good health, great adventures and an active and rewarding life for you all.

Thank you for your support and custom this year and we look forward to seeing you – whenever you need us – in the coming year.

With very best wishes, Tim


Rohan Heritage

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