Rohan and the girl of my dreams

Lee Stringer – Final Goodbye

Rohan is like an acorn, perfect in design and certainly not to be underestimated. It lies patiently in a fertile land amongst giants waiting for that all important glimmer of light to appear from the canopy above. An acorns destiny is truly a great one and remains untouched as the surrounding giant’s battle against the raging torrent that will undoubtedly lead to their demise.

What’s life all about? My name is Lee and I wanted to give you a perspective of an individual who has worked within this truly remarkable business. First let me start by telling you a little about myself. I came across Rohan like many through chance. I had just moved away from Cornwall at the age of 21 in search of an answer to a question that has partly been answered by you, the customer. What’s life all about? Over the years you have enriched my life with stories of adventure from all points of the globe and how this experience was bettered by clothing that works. You told stories that go beyond imagination taking me to a land that exists beyond my own.

Rohan has given me a path. I think of life as a Journey. Rohan has been an important part of that journey. This needs to be recognised, a colleague needs to be recognised. During my time at Rohan I have undertaken three roles; Sales Advisor, Deputy Manager and Store Manager, managing the Rohan Tunbridge Wells store for three years now. I left Cornwall as an inexperienced 21 year old who up until Rohan had no plans or goals for the future. As a Sales advisor I had the pleasure of working for an individual named Richard Morrison. Richard showed me what it was to be a good Manager. I worked hard and proved myself; Richard rewarded this by opening doors. My change in roles whilst at Rohan allowed me to be flexible with my time away from work. Over a period of two years I used my days off to attend a local college. I eventually went on to achieve an Access to HE diploma. I am happy to report I have now been accepted by a University to study Economics and Law with the view to enter into the teaching profession. I would like to publically express my thanks and gratitude towards Richard for all the support and advice given over the years. Without this individual I would not have the future I am currently looking forward to.

Rohan has given me a thirst for adventure. As a traveller through life you don’t often come across a business whose sole aim is to better that journey. During my time at Rohan I was given the opportunity to embark on an expedition to Iceland. I had the pleasure of experiencing this with you the customer and got to know you outside the shop as a real person with real needs whilst travelling. The experience showed me how Rohan views its customer. Rohan sees its customer as more than just ‘cash in the till’. It sees you as a traveller through life with real problems that need resolving. It maintains its core principles from its 1972 origin and puts you the customer, first. How do I know this? Rohan has a heart. Within this heart is a team of people driven not by money, but by the thought of you the traveller reaching that life altering experience. Backing this of course is a guarantee like no other, life! It’s meaning a lot like the clothing ‘does exactly what it says on the tin’. If you’re not happy, bring it back, Rohan is waiting to put you back on track with your travels. Rohan goes further; its advice given to you is based around experience rather than information from a product pack. Over the years I have undertaken abseiling, rock climbing, caving and skiing with Rohan to experience clothing that works.

Rohan has led to the girl of my dreams. How did this happen? One of my first decisions as Manager was to cancel the window cleaner and clean the window myself. This eventually led me to Jess. Jess was handing catalogues out for the store next door. Almost three years on and we’re going travelling together followed by University. Jess and I are going to China to teach English for six months followed by Hawaii, San Francisco, Canada and because I raved about the Blue Lagoon so much, one day in Iceland. That’s right; I get to have a few stories of my own and no prizes for guessing what I’ll be wearing…
Light from the canopy above has sparked growth. Leaves roll out in order to capture that all important light. I like to think that I am at the stage of the acorn and will eventually grow as an individual to reach great heights. I will never forget my roots, thank you and goodbye.

Lee Stringer  – December 2011


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