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Greetings Everyone

During 2011 we published on Rohantime many 100’s of posts,  in fact an all time record. All had some meaning for the Rohan community, which after all is what Rohantime is all about.

They came from a cross-section of our community. Some by Rohan staff, a fantastic number by all the great people in the Rohan Shops and an equal number by Rohan friends and customers.

This year Rohantime has really all been about our community and has gone from strength to strength. Rohan Facebook  and Rohan Twitter are continuing to grow. Both are great way’s to keep up with all that is happening and tell us what you are up to.

Below I have mentioned a small selection of the highpoint on Rohantime during 2011…

innovate top 10

We started the year with the Outdoor Innovations Awards. Readers Choice Top 50 most innovative outdoor products in the last 50 years. Outdoor Innovations was  very popular. There is no doubt there is a lot of interest in the history of outdoor gear. A small number of products in the Top 50 are over 50 years old, however they are obviously held in such high regard they have were included. Inclusion of much more recent products like the Gelert Sleeping Pod, Gelert Pop Up Tent, Super Noodles, Spork and the Wind up torch told us that outdoor gear for use during festival season and family camping is very important to a lot of us.

The Peoples Verdict Top Ten: Trangia, Rohan Bags, Patagonia Snap T, Vango Force 10, Alpkit Figfour Dry Tool, KSB, Handheld GPS, iPhone, Goretex, Wainwright Guides. read more


top 50 outdoor gear

By the middle of January we where all probably a bit down in the dumps, this cheered us all up:

The Holiday Quiz on Rohantime

your starter for

We tested our knowledge about the brand we all love. Your starter was for 50 that’s £50 of Rohan Gift Vouchers.

See Questions & Answers

Early Feb Rohantime was one of the first outdoor brand blogs to flag up the news that our Governments was making strange noises that they wanted to sell publicly owned forests. This became a major story in the National and International Press. read more

helmet no helmet

About this time we asked some challenging questions:
Should Cyclists be made to wear helmets?
You answered

In March we stated talking about Micro Adventures in Ireland and followed by a very popular post from  Al Humphries on M25 Winter Micro Adventure and Packrafting. Both went on to be a very popular topic on Rohantime. read more

Rohan JOGLE 2011

Talking of adventures both epic adventures by Rohan Directors got the chatter going during the year:
Ian Palmer – JOGLE.   Ian together with his great friend Jim took 2 weeks out to ride from John O Groats to Lands End.

Read more ono their story updated en route & Rohantime JOGLE updates  

Tim & Kev Lowestoft

and Tim Jasper Side to Side. The ride took Tim and his great friend Kev from St. Davids in Pembrokeshire to Lowestoft in Suffolk. From Sea to Shining Sea… Read more on  Tim’s blog updated on their journey & Rohantime updates

Both these undertakings illustrated just how much of a community Rohan now has. Many Rohan shop teams, Area Managers & Rohan friends shared their trips, either by offering encouragement, cycling along side and all the great food stops the shops provided along the way.

Well done guy’s being an arm-chair supporter was great. Where to next year?

A surprise – The Green Glossary of Outdoor Gear first published on Rohantime in 2011 has been adopted as a standard glossary for green and eco terms in the Outdoor World  and is constantly being updated by us all. Thank you all for all the updates and please keep them coming, it will never be finished. read more

rohan lectures harrogate 2011

I mentioned at the beginning of this post the great contribution Rohan Shops have made to Rohantime during the year. Two highlights Rohan Harrogate Lectures and  Rohan Keswick Weekend. Rohan Harrogate Lectures, founded by Saul, Manager at Rohan Harrogate, was a fantastic effort and richly rewarded by all who enjoyed the lecture series. read more


The Rohan Keswick Weekend in April was a tremendous gathering, organised by Ben and the Rohan Keswick team, celebrating Rohan Keswick 25 years in The Lakes. It was a Rohan community gathering in every way with Al , Joy &  Ben Evans, Colin Fisher and Tim Jasper, all in the shop for the weekend. The gathering was called Rohan Family Affair on Rohantime –  a name well deserved. read more

That’s my Rohantime review of 2011. I could add lots more very popular Rohantime posts but I have to stop somewhere.

I would like to add my grateful thanks to all who have contributed this year. Without all your stories, comments and feedback Rohantime would not be what it has become, home of the Rohan Community.

Please take a look at the Rohantime Archive for other posts you have enjoyed during the year.

Now it’s your turn. What’s one thing that went well for you in 2011, and one thing that didn’t go well? Feel free to share some responses in the comments if you’d like, but more importantly, answer the questions for yourself.

Sarah Howcroft

Happy Holidays everybody can’t wait for Rohantime  2012

Rohan Heritage

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