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Winter Fusion Trousers 

I am a fairly recent convert to Rohan clothing I have purchased a few items over the past few months. I have tried winter lined trousers from Craghoppers in the past but the smarter appeal of the Fusions really appealed to me and opened up the opportunity to wear them to work too.


The warmth of these trousers is no less than I hoped for. Normally getting out of bed on a cold morning is somewhat of an effort but putting the Winter Fusions on is a pleasure. They are warm and comfortable, making getting dressed a pleasure on a chilly day. I cycle to work each day and as stated the fleece lining really keeps the cold out and the wind resistance of the fabric means I can set out on my bike without getting the usual chill I would experience by this time of year.


Impressed by the quality of the material, these fusions seems to be pretty durable. Again, cycling to work certainly picks up some dirt, mud and the ‘micro-canvas’ outer wipes clean nicely and presented no snags or marks so far. Ultimately, only time will tell just how tough they are, but I’m pretty confident they will hold their own.


Initially I ordered a 30″ and a 32″ waist to see how they fitted. The waist on the 30″ was just too tight and the 32″ was just a little too loose. I went for the 32″ as I can always wear a belt but do find the trousers a little roomy. I’m quite a slim guy and can understand that some people prefer a looser fit (the fit of the ‘On Route’ trousers is much more up my street) but I don’t have a big problem with the fit. It’s just a matter of taste I suppose!

Overall I am impressed with my Winter Fusions. In fact they’re my favourite trousers for the colder climes! I went for Charcoal/Light Grey colour and if they are still around next year I may buy a pair of Ink ones too.

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