Is your day going downhill fast?

Is your day going downhill fast? Perfect!

For some people, winter is all about wrapping up warm and staying by the fire. Now that’s all well and good, but the crackling logs are all the more satisfying if you’ve been outside getting seriously cold first. One of the classic British ways of setting yourself up for the joyous relief of your toes coming back into the sensual world, is indulging in one of winter’s delightfully unregulated pastimes, sledging.

At Canopy & Stars, some of our great glamping places are open all year round and are simply crying out for some people crying out as they whisk themselves downhill on anything from a tea-tray to a great varnished antique behemoth, recently awoken from a year of slumber at the back of the garage. Here are a few of the best:

In Herefordshire, Kingfisher Camp is made up of a gypsy wagon and a fisherman’s hut that sits in the fold of a hill looking out at the Black Mountains. Slopes both behind and in front mean that you can sledge your way to, from or straight through the camp! When the cold outside gets too much, stack the sledges under the porch and curl up in the fisherman’s hut while the wood-burner works on your frozen toes. Read more


Take your friends or family away to these cosy shepherd’s huts in a rambling woodland in The Lake District. Scales Plantation is perfect for the higher-level sledgers amongst you; tricky off-piste runs through the trees can provide an enjoyable challenge. Gentler nursery slopes where the kids can get some practice are dotted about and there might even be some skating on the pond, but do check the ice first. Read more


Big Sky Retreat in Devon has curves and bowls of an old quarry that make what is almost a purpose built skate park of sledgable slopes. The bizarre wooden “yurt”, built to a design of the great eco-pioneer Bill Coperthwaite, is your private, two-person sledge-lodge. The huge picture window will help you keep an eye out for fresh snowfall while the Swedish-style cupboard bed and a wood-burner give you a cosy retreat to for some après sledge. Read more


Go to  Canopy & Stars to check out the cosy winter escapes and for more unusual places to stay in the great outdoors.

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