Tim Ralph Rohan Harrogate Lecture

Tim Ralph, Rohan Harrogate Lecturer

Tim Ralph, Rohan Harrogate Lecturer has just returned from a five week research project in the Himalayas to examine the use of artificial acclimatisation on exercise performance through regular exposure to high altitude state-of-the-art environmental chamber and then throughout the expedition to the Himalayas. He shared his thoughts on a couple of products with us:

Tim Ralph Rohan Harrogate Lecturer

I was genuinely impressed with the quality and functionality of two pieces of clothing in particular. The Rohan Superfine Merino 200 base layer and the Rohan Trailblazers. Having just returned from a five week expedition in the Himalaya’s I found the Superfine Merino base layer to be incredibly comfortable. With low humidity and no washing facilities, clothing is often worn for long periods. Several weeks of continuous wear was no problem. The garment remained comfortable and highly breathable, without skin irritation that some other similar garments are prone to.

Tim Ralph Rohan Harrogate Lecturer Prayer Flags

The Rohan Trailblazers Convertibles were an ideal trekking trouser. The Elastane gives the garment the stretch needed for improved movement when constantly climbing high steps. I tend to ‘run hot’ when hiking but with these pants my legs remained comfortable at all times. Probably the best trekking pants I have ever come across. Needless to say I didn’t get to use them as shorts as the weather was just a little too cool! Good gear Rohan!

Tim Ralph, Rohan Harrogate Lecturer Tent

A big thank you to Tim for the great feedback and for sharing these fantastic photo’s

Tim Ralph, Rohan Harrogate Lecturer Reflections

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