Rohan Rider – We’re getting there!

Rohan Rider – We’re getting there!

Really exciting times in the Design Room as the NEW Rohan Rider cycle wear samples are starting to come in.

 One of the most important days of my life was when I learned to ride a bicycle
Michael Palin

We are now at final sample stage and starting to see properly the fruits of our labours – and of all the great feedback we’ve been getting from you. Thanks!

As we’ve said previously we’ve had to make some strong decisions, because some of the must-have suggestions we were sent naturally tended to cancel each other out!

We really hope there will be something for everyone here, whatever your style(s) of cycling or your levels of involvement.

We are very excited about this range. Rohan last did cycle-specific clothing in summer 1994…

Sooo much has changed since then.

The Design principles we’ve used are:

We’ve kept it tight and focussed on the essentials.

We’ve insisted on the very best materials for each piece.

That means our range may be higher priced than a lot (but not all) cycle wear, but you’ll know that when Rohan build something we aim to build it as well as possible from the best materials.

It will be:

Something to keep the rain out, something to keep the wind off, upper body cover, something for your legs, something for your bottom…

A range for men and a range for women.

We ain’t saying more at the moment (because every time we say something is definitely happening, something else happens to change things…).

See below for some Sneak Preview images of the latest round of samples.


Let us know what you think so far, please.

Full launch is still planned for Spring 2012.

We’ll update you more when we have it.


Tim and Chris

Tim Jasper, Brand Director

Chris Vandrill, Design Manager


Rohan Heritage

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