International Mountain Day 11th Dec

Did you know that there is an International Mountain Day?

The United Nations General Assembly designated 11 December, from 2003 onwards, as “International Mountain Day”.

This year’s International Mountain Day theme is Mountains and Forests. It aims to raise awareness about the relevance of mountain forests and the role they play within a Green Economy as well as in climate change adaptation measures.

Mountain forests are some of the most spectacularly beautiful landscapes on Earth, but they are under threat. Throughout 2011, the world has been celebrating the International Year of Forests. Each month of the year has had a special theme. In December, the theme is mountain forests, so it is fitting that on December 11

International Mountain Day, we also highlight the importance of mountain forests. Mountain forests protect local communities against natural disasters and safeguard the natural resources and environmental services billions of people rely on for their well-being and livelihood

Mountain forests cover over 9 million sq. km: 28 percent of the world’s closed forest area. These forests are special places unlike any other ecosystem on Earth, and they are vanishing. Learn more about the plight of these areas and what is already being undertaken in combating climate change in Nepal, protecting the soil in Bolivia and safeguarding the water supply in Sierra Leone.

On the International Mountain Day website I also came across this interesting link the Mountain Voices Website  which has interviews with over 300 people who live in mountain and highland regions round the world.

So in the mist of all the Christmas stuff lets hear it for those special mountains forests we all need them!

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