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It’s been six months since Rohantime made its debut at Rohan’s 21st Lakes celebration in the cold, wet days of late February. We have shared some great stories from the Rohan community on Rohantime. Amazing facts have come to light. The Everest post, for example and shared memories of a great weekend in Dunster last month. Stories that would have been lost forever have been recorded. Individual stories and memories have been shared. Storytelling at its best. A big thank you to everyone who has taken the time to contribute to Rohantime. I hope you have enjoyed reading them as much as I know the contributors enjoyed sharing them with us all.

Remember the saying “There’s a book inside all of us”. Who said that?. No need for a book but next time you have a spare moment jot down some notes for us all to share. Record the memory of a particular trip for others to share. A review of any Rohan garment is always a good read. A question how, what, why or when that has been left unanswered for years about any aspect of Rohan. A great walk that you have been just discovered, please share it. Raise an issue that you feel is of interest to Rohantime readers, even if its controversial – start writing.  We will soon find out if it is of interest.

Rohantime is open 24×7 for all the Rohan community to share not only the written word your photo’s and video always welcome by us all. If you have a particular suggestion as to how Rohantime could be improved or a feature you would like to see on Rohantime, please share it with us.

Add your comments to the various posts on Rohantime. Share and stay in touch.
Lastly try joining the Rohantime community on Facebook, Twitter or Flickr and share your stories, pictures and thoughts. We are all listening.

The next six months on Rohantime is going to be busy, some great stories and photo’s are waiting in the Rohantime library to be shared on Rohantime.

If you would just like to talk things over no problem, please click, the link and we will come back to you.

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