Rohan Long Preston 1st Customer

Duckboard on marshy groundWe have, I think, found the first Rohan Long Preston customer. Paul Grantham, a self professed Rohanist, sent us this great story of his purchase of Rohan Bags at Rohan Long Preston even before the door was officially opened.

Paul’s own words:
I well remember the day that I bought them. A group of us were determined to walk up Ingleborough, so we left our home in Hull at 6am. At 10am, we were sitting on the summit. For some reason, on our way down, we missed the path and finished up having to cross a barbed wire fence. It was as I was climbing over that I completely ripped my trousers leaving me walking with an exposed posterior (suitably covered with some plastic overtrousers).. We called into Kirby Malham church later in that day where we were accosted by the vicar … a larger than life character who had bought some Persian carpets for the church and was pleased to show them to us. Then, when he found out that we were genuinely interested, he showed us his piece-de resistance … 2  signatures of Oliver Cromwell in his parish registers. Evidently, the noble Oliver was acting as a godparent to one of the local children but signed the register in the wrong place … hence he has two signatures instead of one. He also showed us a grave of a sea captain in the churchyard. His wife, upon her death, had insisted on having a stream running between her and him with the inscription  “As water parted us in life, so it shall in death”. It was he who mentioned your fledgling business and your shop “somewhere in Long Preston”. He hadn’t seen it as he “didn’t often have the yen to wander”. I am sure you must recall him. When I arrived the door was open but the inside was chaos … boxes everywhere. I believe the Bags (my wife bought a pair as well) were £19.99 each … a fortune in them distant days. We are still Rohanists and have just invested in a Cloudbase top and  Mountain Pass overtrousers. I reckon few can have been with you so long”

I think you are right Paul. It’s a great story. Thank You!

By the way, keep a look out for a post tracking the price of Rohan Bags over the years. Coming soon. Can anybody remember how much they paid for their Rohan Bags in the 80’s and 90’s?

Sarah Howcroft

Rohan Heritage

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