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They’ve been telling us they wouldn’t sell for 30 years.
At first they told us they would never sell because they were too futuristic.
Now, they tell us they won’t sell because they’re not ‘fashionable’ enough.
Yet every year Rohan Bags are our best-selling trousers.
Good job the only people we listen to are our customers.
We know of Rohan enthusiasts who own six or seven
pairs. And people who refuse to throw away pairs that are
over twenty years old – they may have been relegated to
gardening duty, but that’s great. They’re still giving good
service and great value for money.
Rohan Bags – and we’re very proud of this – are the polar
opposite of today’s disposable, frivolous ‘fast fashions’.
They just work. It was true 30 years ago and it’s true today.

Introduced over 30 years ago, the iconic Rohan Bags are the original multifunctional outdoor trousers and the blueprint for all contemporary travel trousers. Everything in orange (and, whatever they may say, everyone  else’s) owes a little something to the groundbreaking inspiration behind Bags.

Lightweight, quick drying and highly resistant to UV radiation, they feature four security pockets, two hand pockets, side expansion panels, reinforced seat and knees and,of course, our trademark accessory D-ring.

A few Bags facts: Drying Time 3 hours, Weight 335g, Packed Size 700ml, Fabric: Rohan Airlight (50% bags-colours1cotton, 50% polyester). Sizes: 31″ Reg leg 30-42,  Unfinished leg 30-46,
See all the Bags colours (Red Ochre only available in unfinished).

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