Rohan Cloudcover Review

Country Walking November 2011 Review of Rohan Cloudcover Jacket

Tim Jasper, Brand Director Rohan talks about garments weights and value for money.

Rohan Cloudcover Waterproof Jacket

“We’re always grateful to get reviews – it helps to spread the word about Rohan. I was a little downcast to see the reviewer’s summary starts with “Heavy and expensive” – hence these thoughts here… I think any full-specification waterproof at 705gms for the men’s and 645gms for the women’s is pretty reasonable and would count as mid-weight rather than heavy. There is definitely a trend for ultralight garments – we know because Rohan was one of the first to do this, back in the 1980’s! – but many of these current ultralights are just not that durable. It you want the ultimate in lightness, check out our Elite Jacket – which is a world first in lightness plus durability. For the Cloudcover we developed a 110gm face fabric which is light-to-mid and made sure that the jacket is fully lined and fully featured, as befits its cross-over use as a good, general-purpose rain jacket.

As far as “expensive” goes, anyone who’s bought Rohan will hopefully agree that with all our gear we aim to build in a long, useful life, with the best performance possible, and we back this up with an indefinite guarantee – so it depends how you measure “expensive”. We always aim to make our garments excellent value for money. Hope you agree, and thanks to Country Walking for featuring our Cloudcover”. Tim Jasper, Brand Director.

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