From Norfolk to South Africa


From Norfolk to South Africa

The Norwich shop has been busy over the last few weeks with the main shop moving to a new site and the existing site becoming bargain heaven, but all this was put aside when we were visited by the Norfolk Army Cadet Force who are about to take the trip of a lifetime to South Africa. The Norwich Shop has a close affinity to the Cadet Force and Samantha Wheeler our National Sales manager and Norwich local have put a great deal of time and effort into fundraising for this particular trip.

The trip is designed give these youngsters the experiences of a new country, culture and way of life. During their trip they will take on the Twin Streams trail and spend time in Zulu communities, all this before visiting the Blood River Battle field and other Anglo/Zulu battle field sites and then finally taking a tour of the Karkloof canopy and rafting down the Umgeni River.

I’m sure you’ll all agree that they have a packed and challenging schedule so to help them prepare as much as possible we kitted out each team member with a pair of Rohan trousers and a Rohan shirt, ensuring they all the other clothing they needed and asked them all what they were looking forward to the most and what they were dreading about their upcoming experience.

The most anticipated parts of the trip seem to be the nature element and the wildlife that they will surely encounter with one fantastically surprising answer of “Quiet time without my mobile phone”. I’m sure you can guess what people were not so keen on with bathroom facilities and the flight near the top of the list but the two that caught my eye were (Name protected)’s snoring and missing school!

Previous trips have had Cadets returning home with stories of how they had discovered unknown strengths and weaknesses, developed a stronger social conscience, as well as experiencing team work under extreme conditions and developing vital leadership skills and I’m sure that this trip will be just as exciting and educational.

We will update you on the exploits of this latest trip when they all return and come into the shop full of stories but glad to be home.

The Norwich opening offers continue so pop in and see Fiona and the Team when you’re in the City.

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