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Discover Touring Autumn Winter and Rohan Clothing

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Rohan Microgrid Stowaway Zip and Rohan Elite Trousers a ‘perfect system’


Rohan Microgrid Stowaway Zip

Dry air is a fantastic insulator. Anyone who ventures into the outdoors knows that. And we also know that it doesn’t always occur naturally, particularly in the hills and mountains of temperate Britain!

The key to keeping warm is trapping dry air – and that’s where our Microgrid Stowaway Zip comes in. It’s full of holes which trap lots and lots of air. We specify a very advanced, high quality polyester fleece which is characterised by a hard-wearing ‘holey’ grid structure read more on the Rohan Microgrid Stowaway Zip

Rohan Elite Trousers

If we were (forced) to describe our Elite Trousers in the style of our North American competitors, we might well say:

“Forget about kaizen. Right now, we’re looking at a paradigm shift in the world of pants. Forget the rest – our Elite Trousers destroy the competition. They’re the lightest, technical outdoor pants in the world. Period.” read more on the Rohan Elite Trousers

Rohan Heritage

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