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Rohan Kensington – November 2nd meet the Rohan Co Founder

Sarah Howcroft Co Founder of Rohan – Rohan the Early Years

sarah howcroft

Sarah Howcroft Co Founder of Rohan will talk about the early Rohan years 1972 – 1990. Sarah will cover the story of the iconic Rohan Bags and other ground breaking Rohan clothing and talk about Rohan Heritage. Please bring along any vintage Rohan, Catalogues, TQQ’s and above all your memories of early Rohan.

Sarah will also talk about her current project Rohantime – home of the Rohan community, Rohan Facebook, Twitter, You Tube and Flickr so plenty to talk about.

Read more about Rohan Heritage on Rohan Flashback

Rohan Kensington 204-206, Kensington High Street, London 

November 2nd 6.30 – 8.00pm  

Call us on 020 7937 3102


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