Come in Number Two

Come in Number two – Your Times Up.

1st-order-customers-please1The very first Rohan customer was sadly lost on a big mountain many years ago. Let’s try and find the second Rohan customer. The garment the Rohan Mountain Salopette. The first Rohan Salopette was sold way back in the early 70’s to an outdoor shop. No Rohan Shops in those days! Outdoor and Mountain Shops where few and far between. Read more about the outdoor trade in the early days. That all important special first order came from Pindisports Holborn followed by YHA Manchester, The Climbers Shop Ambleside, George Fisher Keswick and Joe Browns Capel Curig. Thank you all. There were others, refresh my memory please if you should be on our list.

We sold about 20 garments on our first tour of the Mountain Shops of the UK. That was good enough, Rohan was alive and well. I can still hear the words from the few…

“we can’t sell them – they will never sell – our customers will not buy these”

Ring a bell, well it was a long time ago, we will not hold it against you. So if you were a customer of those early Outdoor Shops, had a passion for the high mountains, maybe you purchased one of the first Rohan Salopettes. Or perhaps your your Mum or Dad did just that, or Grandmother or Grandfather – no that’s not right is it? Maybe you worked in those early stores and remember the first Rohan garments  – or it was you that gave us that all important first order. Share the story please in the comments below.

Sarah Howcroft – Co founder Rohan


Rohan Heritage

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