Enduring design Kartell Bartoli and Rohan


The Long Lasting Appeal of Design Classics

I was visiting the Rohan Shop in Milton Keynes, and there they were. Quietly residing in the centre of the shop.

The Kartell Bartoli Chair (chair 4875) has been in the shop since it opened in November 1985. The chair was designed by Carlo Bartoli in 1974. Made from Polypropylene in Italy by Kartell.  A matching pair live in the shop. Back in the day this chair was utilized in modern homes to create a high-tech look. Almost 35 years later this design classic remains very cool. The Kartell chair is now a collector’s item. Both chairs have been in daily use since the shop opened. Sustainability through longevity.

Rohan Bags designed by Sarah & Paul Howcroft in 1978 and made in Rohan Airlight™ by a very skilled group of ladies at Kippax Clothing in Leeds. Rohan Bags have been in continuous production ever since and over one million pairs have been sold.

Next time you visit Rohan Milton Keynes look out for the Kartell chairs.

Sarah Howcroft

Rohan Heritage

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