Gradient jacket, first impressions

Rohan Gradient Fleece in Zenith Blue

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Rohan Kit Reviews –  Gradient jacket, first impressions

Like the Windshadow the appearance of a Nice Colour had changed my interest from academic to considerable and a chance to try one on while in need of a bit of retail therapy means I now own a blue one. And it’s a really nice blue too.
I’ve only had it a week and haven’t been up any mountains or the like as yet, but the last few days have been very windy and quite cold so riding around with just a LS T Plus underneath has been a pretty good guide to how it does. And it does pretty well. Not completely windproof but as the blurb says it gives a “really useful level of wind resistance”. It’ll keep a light shower at bay well enough too.

The pockets are in the right places for me (not too high to use easily, not so low to interrupt a harness or hip belt) and they’ll happily take an OS map or two without a fight, and they make the front double-thickness for extra wind proofing right where you most want it.

I have no use for the little tabs to attach it to a shell but they’re not really in the way and some people like doing that so I’ll have to concede they’re a feature rather than a bug.

One might argue that “the ultimate mountain mid-layer” could use a hood but I’m ambivalent about that. Yes, when you need them they’re wonderful but more often than not you don’t and they’re extra weight, cost and bulk, and up a mountain you ought to have a hat anyway, so I’m happy enough without one.

The fleece/pile is deep and very comfy and the whole thing has a decent bit of stretch and is a reasonable weight. Very happy with it so far :-) Pete. on the Rohantime Forum

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