Norfolk – Great Place to Wander

Thetford Priory

Norfolk….Great Place to Wander

Recently I have been in Norfolk at the Rohan Shop and whilst I was there I thought I would take some time to go and see the sights . So camera in hand and with no particular plan off I went.

First stop was just up the road, still in Norwich in fact and that was at the beautiful Norwich Cathedral. Started in 1096 and first consecrated and used in 1101 this building has stood over Norwich for more than 900 years, the original spire was blown down by a hurricane in 1362 and finally replaced fully in the 1480’s with stone structure we see today. The architecture on display here is fantastic and the photos really can’t do it justice, if you are visiting the shop it is only a few minutes walk away and I would highly recommend popping along.

Norwich Cathedral      Norwich Cathedral

Next stop was Thetford Priory, built within a few years of the Cathedral it is fair to say that it has not been so fortunate. To find it is one of those great explorations through suburban roads before coming across a small gravel car park and a gate. Once through the gate it changes from busy town to peaceful monastery almost immediately. The site was the burial place of the earls and dukes of Norfolk for almost 400 years and although the site is now a ruin it has the complete shell of the priors’ lodgings as well as the low walls of the cloister and other buildings. (picture of Thetford Priory see top)

river norwich


Returning to Norwich a small nondescript bridge caught my eye and I was rewarded with this lovely scene.

From the top of the bridge two swans swimming up stream just seem to sum up my day, nowhere to go fast but plenty to see. Whether it’s a planned visit to the Cathedral or just a few moments to stop off when driving through, Norfolk and Norwich have plenty to see and you’ll find a few friendly faces waiting for you when you get to the shop with Fiona and her team always happy to help.

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