Sneak Preview – Thinking on your feet

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Just had a sneak preview of the new eBrochure for Rohan Footwear 

Thinking on your feet eBrochure

Rohan Footwear in ActionSome really great images, all the Rohan Footwear very easy to visualise and it makes it a whole lot easier to buy online.

No excuses now!

The new eBrochure is a great addition to the extensive Rohan Footwear section on the Rohan Website

All the information you need to purchase footwear online. Usage, Technology and Care all covered in great detail.

Plus a great FAQ section with all those other questions like…

How do I know what boots I need?
What type of leather is used for the manufacture of Rohan shoes?
Are any of the Rohan shoe styles leather free?
How long will my shoes or boots last?
Are my shoes or boots waterproof?
How do I clean them?
What’s the best way to tie my laces?
Where can I get new laces?
Is any of the Rohan footwear range suitable for crampons?

Rohan Footwear_footer

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