Rohan JOGLE – What a Week!

Cycling into a headwind

Follow the intrepid duo on their epic ride from John O’Groats to Lands End.

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ianVery Excited! Very Excited!
That statement doesn’t even begin to describe how excited me & Jim are. This is harder than being 6 years old and waiting for Christmas. I’m sat here trying to work but getting sidetracked by; looking at photo’s of my bike, eating the chocolate marshmallow sticks Andrea bought in for her birthday, telling anyone who will listen about my trip and generally just waiting for tomorrow… read more

bikeHappy JOGLE eve
It’s 8.30pm, faffing done, new handle bar tapes applied and final Bike maintenance done by turning the conservatory of the ‘sea view hotel’ John o groats, into a temporary bike workshop. Jim and me are meeting at 7.00am tomorrow for final faffing, partly because we need to do final prep but mostly because we are too excited to sleep and just want an excuse for an early start… read more

the startWe’re off!
If I wanted to pedal this hard downhill, I’d be mountain biking! Before you read today’s blog, let me set a few expectations We, Jim and Me, did deliberately plan to do this in October We deliberately set out to ride from John O Groats to Lands End. We did both these things knowing the weather could easily be against us. We know that the consequences of our actions… read more

aviemoreIf you want to find the most interesting route…
Just in case anyone was actually worried after yesterday’s blog, we are OK today, in fact, it was brilliant. Not only was the day brilliant but on arrival at the Rohan Aviemore shop at the end of the day we were met with home made cakes and a cup of tea. For us there are 2 guaranteed ways to get the average speed up on a bike. Get rid of the wind. Plug the iPod in and listen to a fast paced album… read more

a9Whatever you do, stay off the A9
There wasn’t much chat at the breakfast table in aviemore yesterday. There was snow on hills, rain in the air, 115 miles ahead and the prospect of spending a lot of the day on the A9. “Don’t go on the A9” is the one view everyone we spoke with had in common, but no amount of studying the road map showed us an alternative. But, road maps don’t show cycle networks do they?… read more

Edinburgh‘…I’ll just drop my fare off first’
‘Welcome to Edinburgh’, that’s what I thought the taxi driver was saying to me as he wound his window down and shouted at me after I protested at the way he had just clipped my arm with his wing mirror. A quick glance at his scared looking passengers made me realise I had got it wrong. Thanks to Pat, the Rohan shop Edinburgh manager, we had Danishes, energy bars, and coffee…. read more

Rohan NewcastleBy royal appointment
Prince Charles waved at us today. Well, not actually at us, just in our general direction. But we like to think he picked us out of the crowd, knew we had cycled 47 miles to get to Newcastle for lunch today and waved at us. After, sort of, being waved at by prince Charles as we arrived in Newcastle, we were treated like royalty by Sharon at the Rohan Newcastle shop who had laid on a picnic for us in…. read more


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