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Ian Palmer, Rohan Retail & HR Director and his great friend Jim Price are taking 2 weeks out to ride from John O Groats to Lands End.

“We’ve been planning, well talking about this for months now, and hope that in just 11 days we get to see some amazing sights across the UK and enjoy some hard riding.

Follow Ian on his epic ride as it happens and read regular updates on Rohan Facebook if you spot Ian and Jim on their journey south please let us all know leave a comment below

This ride will take us from John O Groats, through Inverness then Edinburgh then into the North East of England. From Darlington we cut across the country again to Warwick then through Bristol, Exeter, Bodmin and onto Lands End.

We are supported by a combination of people, my (Ian’s) partner Andria will support us through Scotland and then again from Bristol to the finish. For the piece between North East England and Bristol, 3 of the Rohan Area Managers are giving their time to support. What this means is that we only need to carry a spare tube, some water and a coat, and that’s it, what it really means is we don’t need panniers and we can use our road bikes

rohan jogle that blue bike

We are doing this solely for the adventure, we love riding our bikes and this is the most adventurous road biking activity we can think of in the UK.

Our plan is to update this blog as we go (technology permitting) please support with any comments, observations and general chat, after 11 days together we both might need something other than ourselves to talk about” – Ian

Follow Ian on his epic ride as it happens and read regular updates on Rohan Facebook if you spot Ian and his blue bike on the journey south please let us all know leave a comment below

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