Rohan in Country Walking

Rohan in Country Walking

Rohan Gear featured in October’s Country Walking Magazine

Rohan Menang

Rohan Menang Waterproof leather boot 

Made from full-grain leather with a totally waterproof lining, the Rohan Menang boot is ideal for trekking and three-season hillwalking, it’s perfect for the British hillwalker.

Waterproof protection is provided by a Barricade™ membrane. The technology has been adapted from the advanced Barricade™ membranes used in Rohan waterproof clothing. It’s stretchy, pliant and totally waterproof – permanently. It also takes advantage of Rohan Active Diffusion™ technology to respond dynamically to changing levels of humidity.

The sock and footbed have been impregnated with advanced silver technology, the anti-bacterial properties of this silver technology dramatically reduce the growth of odour-causing bacteria within the boot.

Rohan Hilltop

Rohan Stravaig 2Rohan Hilltop Jacket a real walking jacket for real walkers.

The Hilltop Jacket is a top-specification waterproof designed, from the ground up, for real walkers.

Rohan Stravaig 35 the perfect sack for all season walking.

The Stravaig 35 is a rugged daysack suitable for four season walking and tough extended trips.

Rohan Heritage

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