Elliott’s Dunster Weekend


My name is Elliott and I am a sound recordist and run Snowline Productions in Bristol with cameraman Al Boardman.
We were the film crew at the Rohan Dunster weekend, our second event for Rohan, to help capture some of the activities, talks, demonstrations and the general atmosphere of the event.

I was really looking forward to going, and since the Lake District event in February was so good, I guessed it would be another great event. I was particularly looking forward to seeing Leo Dickinson and Monty Don, a couple of heroes of mine. As a passionate organic gardener myself, I am a fan of Monty Don and all he has done to help bring about a greater awareness of organic gardening principles, and I grew up watching Leo’s climbing and mountaineering films. Al and I often work at altitude and in cold environments, and having the chance to talk to someone like Leo, who has made many classic mountain films, was a real treat. The filming equipment of course has changed over the years, but the difficulties of filming in the mountains are the same. Leo had plenty of amusing anecdotes to share with us about his filming highs and lows, on some of the world’s biggest and most dangerous mountains.

The event itself was fantastic. It was lovely to see a few faces from the Lake district event and catch up.
The evening talks were all brilliant, and a real high point of each day. We saw John Beatty’s talk at the Rohan Lake District event and it was a real pleasure to see him again with his new talk / audio visual presentation.
The mix of activities worked really well, from mountain biking to quieter activities like the wildlife walks and bushcraft demonstrations.
The food was great, the activities really well thought out and planned, and with so many people staying in tents, the atmosphere was relaxed and informal.
Al and myself both had a really great time. The customers were all very friendly, open and helpful, making our job so much easier!
Rohan has done an exceptional job, yet again, of putting an event together for their customers. As Alistair MacDonald pointed out in his talk, it’s great to see an outdoor company doing something like this for their customers. We would like to say a special word of thanks to Becky, Phil and our trusty presenter Laura for doing such a great job of running the event.


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