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Ben Rohan Keswick

We held our customer evening on Thursday 15th September, which also coincided with the 1st rain-free day in about 3 weeks! We had the wine, soft drinks and the all important nibbles at the ready, we just had to hope some people would turn up to enjoy them….thankfully they did!

The shop had a brilliant atmosphere, everyone chatting like the old friends we are, having fun with the quizzes (cheating!!) and most importantly, checking out the new Autumn/Winter range.

As a special thank you to the couple who spent nearly £600 on the evening, and who also travelled to us from nearrohan wine Stratford, we presented them with their own ‘Rohan in Keswick’ bottle of wine. A second bottle was given to a lovely lady from Cockermouth who came in to tell us the news of her engagement which took place on Sail Fell, and of course, she was fully kitted out in her Rohan.

We drew the winners of the 2 quizzes after the store closed. The winner of the New Zealand themed quiz was W.J.Mallaber from Hartlepool and the winner of the Rohan quiz was R.Davie from Barnstaple. Well done.

I would like to thank every customer who came in to say hello to us on Thursday and also thank you to all of our customers who shop with us year in year out, from near and far.

Christeen Manager Rohan Keswick

rohan kesick in action

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