Sabah Salute – Expedition Success

Team at Last Campsite, Malaysian Army a few guides, owner of the land the memorial was built on, General Wilson and British DA for China

“It has been said that life can be likened to a piece of string with knots in it,”

“the knots being those moments that live in the mind forever, the intervals being hazy, half recalled and eventually forgotten. This expedition, for all of us, I hope will become one of those knots.

It has been an honour and an absolute privilege to lead the team on this expedition; especially given its historic significance. I hope that we have honoured the fallen in an appropriate manner and let them know that they are truly not forgotten.

And so now it’s time to thank all those who have helped make this expedition a success.

Firstly, I would like to thank the British High Commission, Brunei Garrison, Sabah Tourist Board and our sponsors for making this expedition feasible. In particular I would like to thank Rohan for supporting us. The durability of the kit speaks for itself. We have put it through its paces and it has protected us from the suns powerful rays, very persistent insects (including leeches) and the meanest vegetation on the planet whilst still looking presentable. Perhaps the unsung hero is the boxer short which almost to man meant we didn’t get chaffing. No mean feat.

“Thank you to Fitzy expedition photographer. He is keen to make photographing wildlife a career.”

Fitzy our photographerOn behalf of the team I would also like to thank the trekking company TYK ( Throughout the planning and implementation of the expedition Tham and his guides have offered advice, provided logistic support and ensured we didn’t get lost in the jungle. Without them providing potable water we would have fallen at the first hurdle on day one of the road walk due to the heat. It was also great to meet with Capt Rizal and his team from the Malaysian Artillery.

Finally, the biggest thank you goes to the team. I am really proud of what you have all achieved and know that at times, and in different ways, it has been a challenge to each of you. Your idiosyncrasies have made us smile, laugh and kept us entertained. Whether that has been by accidentally stepping on a Fire Ants nest, planting dead snakes in peoples beds, losing a bet and having to eat a bowl of Fish Head Soup or playing the bagpipes it has made the expedition team what it was.

Thank you for taking the time to read the Sabah Salute Blog.”

Claire Curry – Expedition Leader.


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