Sabah Salute – The Final March

final march

We woke this morning with mixed emotions.

Firstly proud of what we had achieved but also saddened in the fact that this was the end of the marching phase.

During the real Death Marches the strongest prisoners were forced to march back 15 miles and collect bags of rice weighing 20 kilograms. The reason was to weaken or kill the strongest. We, as a group, decided to voluntarily honour this act and carry our own sacks of rice during the final march.

We woke to a breakfast of cereal and noodles (served separately) and after many photographs we had an early departure of 7.00am. The distance was covered fairly quickly due to it being 8km in total.

John Moffat, our resident piper, played his bagpipes along the last four hundred meters into the memorial of the Final Camp called Jungle Camp 2. This was the last campsite that the POWs were held at. This helped every person raise two inches in height as we marched through the gates. After many shaking of hands and photographs we were given the story of the history of the location by the current land owner whose father had been a local tribal chief during the Japanese invasion.

There is much to be proud of. This commemorative march has been very rewarding for the team but more importantly the families of the fallen.

Neil Cogram


Rohan Heritage

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