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Best quick-drying travel gear featuring Rohan Jeans Plus

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“Upgrade to quick-drying travel gear and you can wave goodbye to those seven pairs of bulky boxers, giant fleeces and endless pointless outfits you normally cart around the globe…

“All the ‘what to pack’ lists and guidebooks say you shouldn’t take jeans on a round-the-world trip – they’re heavy, too warm and take ages to dry. In practice, that’s not quite true. They’re supremely comfortable, hard wearing and can be worn for a week at a time without looking like they need a wash. Besides, not everyone wants to go out wearing ill-fitting, quick-drying travel trousers. They do, however, take yonks to dry; step forward Rohan, whose cotton-based Jeans Plus are lighter than denim yet just as durable, comfier (thanks to 1% stretchy Elastane woven-in) and dry in a fraction of the time (that’ll be the dollop of CoolMax polyester alongside cotton).

And, oh, the pockets! It’s farewell to hip pockets that shed coins every time you sit down, and hello to a special zipped coin pocket, zipped hand pockets, fastening rear patch pockets and even a pen slot. Plenty to write home about”….

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