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A topic on the Rohantime Forum referring to mentions of Rohan in the literary world has sparked some interest.

Hi all,
I’ve been reading the Nick Stone novels by ex-SAS soldier Andy McNab and there are some references to Rohan trousers in two of his books:-

Aggressor –
Ch 28
“Everyone else on the street was either a local draped in black or a Westerner in regulation Gore-Tex jacket, polo shirt and Rohan trousers. It had certainly been dress of the day in the Marriott. The reception was full of them emerging for breakfast; the cafe was a sea of Outward Bound.

Ch 31
“I had a rather fetching blue sweatshirt with matching Rohan trousers and a slightly padded khaki jacket to come home to. “

Exit Wound –
Ch 26
“… I fished my docs and cash out of the dark blue Rohan trousers I’d chosen to match my long-sleeved shirt. “
I wonder if they’re Bags and also if any other author mention Rohan – aside from Tolkein of course. – reidm99

Good question.

Any suggestions in the comments below or on the Rohantime Forum

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