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Get that old Rohan kit out…

Early in the summer we reported that Jamie Sims Oxfam Keswick and Ben Evans Rohan Keswick had joined forces to promote their businesses, help fight poverty and save the environment at the same time.

If you remember Jamie and Ben invited us to drop off any item of used Rohan clothing to either shop, and in exchange receive a discount voucher off any new clothing and accessories at the Rohan Keswick shop on Lake Road.

This has run over the summer and both shops have received some really great Rohan garments for reuse. So much so they have decided to extend the project indefinitely. That is good news.

Rohan and OxfamSo go through your wardrobe, rucksacks, garden shed, loft or where ever you store your unwanted and long forgotten Rohan Clothing and next time your in Keswick drop them into either Rohan Keswick or Oxfam.
They will exchange your donations for a 10% off voucher to spend on the new Rohan range in Keswick.

Jamie stressed If you find it hard to donate money etc to help the East Africa crisis, giving some old Rohan clothing to us will directly help, as the money raised will go straight to the Oxfam fighting fund“.

Ben addedIt’s been an amazing success so far and that’s why we are extending the scheme indefinitely“.

No excuses get that old Rohan kit out  it’s a great reason for a visit to The Lakes.

This isn’t the first time Rohan in Keswick has run a clothing exchange. “As part of our ’25 years of Rohan Franchising’ celebration weekend in April, we ran a garment exchange which proved very successful” explains Ben. “In total we collected 171 used Rohan garments from our customers in exchange for discount on new products. We then distributed the used garments amongst the three charity shops in Keswick.” Ben Evans

For further information, contact Jamie at Oxfam on 017687 74494, or Ben at Rohan Keswick  on 017687 74963.

Read more on Rohan Keswick Reuse .

The scheme is only available at the Rohan Keswick branch at this time.


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