A Walkers Paradise!

walkers paradise

Michelle Mendonca

Madeira is a walkers paradise, many people already associate it with mountain treks and levada walks along the ancient irrigation canals. However, unknown to many, the sub-tropical island of Madeira is also one of the best locations for canyoning in Europe.

canyon 6Canyoning (travelling through canyons abseiling, scrambling, climbing and swimming) is great fun for outdoor enthusiasts and adventure junkies and Madeira has many great places to try it.

Popular places include Ribeiro Frio but we went to Camacha, a more remote place that has only recently started being used for canyoning over the last couple of years. The truck had to be left behind as the canyon is only accessible by foot and it was quite a hard trek to get there, but totally worth it for the stunning scenery.

canyon‘Harmony In Nature’ were the guides we used, a husband and wife team who know their stuff. They provided the wetsuits and climbing ropes and led us through the winding gorges and natural waterfalls, it was an exhilarating experience. Can’t wait to do it again!


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