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Rohan FootwearAs summer comes to an end, it’s time to start getting set for the colder, wetter days of autumn and winter. And that starts with your footwear. No-one likes wet feet – and the best way to avoid that is to choose footwear with Rohan’s advanced Barricade™ membrane technology. It’s totally waterproof, highly breathable and extremely comfortable.

Rohan offer a footwear range suitable for 3 season outdoor activities including trekking, trail walking, and casual or everyday wear. Whether you are choosing outdoor footwear for the first time or replacing an old worn out pair of boots, it is important to consider your primary activity as well as the type of terrain you want to cover.

The range offers solutions for every terrain below the snowline, including styles with excellent grip and mud shedding, torsional stability and all round comfort. There are also a number of styles that include a waterproof membrane that ensures your feet stay dry and nothing stops you getting out on the hills.

Rohan Men’s Footwear
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Footwear FAQ your frequently asked questions answered about men’s and women’s footwear, boots, shoes and sandals.

Don’t forget that good footwear works better together with good outdoor socks.

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