Sabah Salute – City of Sandakan

Sandakan Town

The Presidents wife and Claire

Today saw the team visit the city of Sandakan for the unveiling of the Liberation Memorial in honour of those who died during the war. Luckily the team were in the background and enjoyed the service and military parade led by the Deputy Prime Minister for Malaysia.

The Presedents wife and Claire

All however, were particularly excited for the evenings activity which saw us all venture to the Presidential Palace / Mayor of Sabah’s residence for an evening of great food and fantastic company. Ranging from the High Commissioners for Australia and Great Britain to veterans of the War from Australia.

All had an extremely entertaining evening and after a good nights sleep look forward to the next step of our adventure.

Harry Hyslop


Sent by DiGiAugust 15th – Today saw the team have an early start in order to be in attendance at the Sandakan Death March Memorial for the annual remembrance parade starting at 7.00am. Dressed in full ceremonial dress we had the pleasure of meeting many Malaysian, British and Australian dignitaries including many of the families who had lost relations during the infamous ‘Death Marches’ from Sandakan to Ranau. Immediately after the service and a spot of breakfast, we changed out of our uniform into our Rohan trekking attire to do a short 8 miles in extreme heat, not bad as we had been up since 4.00am. Tomorrow we embark on a 45 mile mountain bike ride, which I can foresee as being extremely challenging as the ground is very undulating which see’s us going up and down plenty hills.

Dave ‘Bear’ Appleby


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