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The Clean Europe Expedition is the brainchild of brother and sister Sam and Faith Martin, who will endeavour to travel across Europe in the most environmentally friendly way possible.

We are happy to report they have set off from their local Rohan Winchester shop. In Sam’s own words…

“Just to explain in brief the Clean Europe Expedition is an attempt by brother and sister (Sam and Faith Martin) to travel across Europe in a completely climate neutral way, not using any engines, keeping our electrical use to a minimum and only recharging in countries with a good green record. This is why we have decided to travel by bicycle, carrying all our belongings in panniers, space is at a premium. This is why Faith and I are both very happy with just how small our Rohan clothing packs. See below for our individual kit lists.

Sam’s Kit List1. Bicycle repair equipment, includes innertube, puncture repair kit, tie raps, tyre pump2. Water bottle

3. Back pack

4. Camel Back, water carrying device

5. Small dry bag, contains emergency contact  details and passport

6. Books: travel journey, bike maintenance book, reading book

7. Mobile Phone, Blackberry

8. 2 Wallet one real and one dummy

9. Sleeping Bag in large dry bag

10. Tent, two person

11. Sleeping Mat

12. Map x2, one of Europe, one detailed road map

13. First aid kit, SAM splint, Bandages, Duck tape, water purification tablet, tweezers etc.

14. High visibility jacket

15. Cycling clothing, two pairs cycling shortsand a pair of cycling leggings

16. Wash Bags, includes moisturizer, suntan lotion, toothpaste, solar shower and shaving soap etc

17. Clothing Includes: Rohan Mountain leader jacket, Rohan Superfine Merino wool long sleeve jumper, Rohan River Shorts, Rohan ultra silver tshirts x3, Rohan Buff, Rohan Expedition shirt, Rohan highground hoody, Rohan sunglasses, Rohan Superfine Merino leggings, Rohan Strider trousers, Rohan scarf, Rohan core zip long sleeve, a Marmot Mac, Rohan socks, Underwear x6, a knitted hat, gloves, trainers and a tie

18. Chammy cream

19. Foldable Saw

20. Leatherman

21. Mallet

22. Batteries & Charger

23. Laptop & Batteries

24. Power Monkey

25. Ipod

26. Rohan cells, various sizes

Faith’s Kit List1. Rohan Mountain Guide Jacket2. Women Rohan Modena Sunglasses

3. Rohan Womens Inner Sock- x2 –

4. Womens Microrib Stowaway Jacket

5. Rohan Superfine Merino Tops x2

6. Rohan Superfine Merino 200 zip

7. Rohan Soft Cells- x1 Large, x1 small

8. Rohan Womens Kaski Shoe

9. Rohan Washbag

10. Rohan Buff

11. Activity Trousers

12. Micro towels x2

13. Cooking Equitment- pots and pans

14. Camping stove & gas tins x2

15. Bowl, Cup, Knife, Fork & spoon

16 Torches x2

17. Swimming Costume

18. 1 set of Smart Clothes

19. Extra Trainers

20. Phone and charger

21. Sleeping Bag

22. Sleeping mat

23. GPS

24. Camel Bak

25. Wooly Hat x2

26. Wooly socks x2

27. Ski Gloves

28. First aid kit

29. Cycling gloves

30. Passport and Purse

31. Water bottles x2

32. High visibility Vest

clean europe packing

I have a theory about packing for a trip, I think you find yourself packing and repacking your bag to the point of blisters, not because you want to get it right, but because you want to take your mind off the stupid thing your about to do. The problem is that we we’re given some amazing Rohan Cells, which mean that packing and repacking doesn’t take that long, if anything they’re just too effective, you find you have the time to worry about the trip and not the need to worry about your luggage. I never thought a box of fabric could completely change the entire traveling experience for me, its somehow cleaner, more organized, oddly deco. And to top it all off Faith has finally had a single good idea, she’s going to be using her CELL * (the one she has fitted ALL her clothes in) as her camping pillow! I’m fighting the urge to gush too much on one particular item, I’m sure they have a down side but its going to take a better man than me to think of it.

So with the packing sorted we set off, we left from my tiny Winchester flat on our way to our local Rohan shop for our official departure. The short, five minute, cycle ride down the road resulted in our first break down. Faith managed to do “something” to her bike on and then I managed to do “something” to fix it, but Winchester is the harshest environment known to man after all, so these things can be expected. So with a quick photo shoot outside Winchester, Rohan with Jeff, the shop manager, followed by a quick readjustment of my tent and sleeping bag outside the cathedral and we were off. We begin down the South Downs Way, on our way to Dover. With the exception of Faiths first break down and my first tumble (along a particularly narrow path) its been an eventful first day and I can’t wait for tomorrow”.

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