A Lifetime in Bags – I Love my Bags Because…

i love my bags

I Love my Bags Because….

Rohan Bags as described in the Rohan catalogue today…

The iconic Rohan Bags are the original multi-functional outdoor trousers and the blueprint for all contemporary travel trousers…

There are many stories about Rohan Bags on Rohantime, stories and memories that stretch back over 30 years.

The much commented Bags Price Index tracking the price paid for Bags from 1979 to the present day.

The story of Rohan Bags No1 fan returning to Bags after many years apart Back to Bags

Many Rohanists reviews of Bags Bag a Likes and Bags of Fun

The story of the now famous Rohan Can advert.

The Rohan Originals Collection housed in Rohan Keswick includes a fantastic display of  the many different Bags colours over the years and Rohan Bag’s off the wall some fantastic photo’s of those early colours.

Rohan Bags voted in the top ten Readers Choice Outdoor Innovations along with Trangia, Patagonia Snap T, Vango Force 10, Alpkit Figfour Dry Tool,  KSB, Handheld GPS, iPhone, Goretex and  Wainwright Guides. Good Company!

Over the last couple of years I have been reunited with many Rohanists who have been acquainted with Rohan Bags almost as long as I have. At the Rohan Keswick gathering the Harrogate Lectures and many other encounters we shared our stories.

For the most recent Winter Magazine I answered some Bags questions on the how when and why 


This post on Rohantime is to ask you all to record why you love your Bags, in a few words or as many as you want,  with or without a photo. We can then record it all on Rohantime. Please use the comment form below or send me an email at info@rohantime.com.

This link will take you to lots more about Rohan Heritage you will need a few hours and maybe a good pot of tea or coffee…

Sarah Howcroft – Co Founder Rohan

Rohan Heritage

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