Sabah Salute – Really Sweaty Work

Huey - Brunei jungle

Monday 8th August – Brunei

Monday saw the Sabah Salute team start their first jungle experience. We packed our bags and waited at the flight line for the Huey helicopter that would take the team to the middle of the Brunei jungle; four of us made a pit stop over a well known waterfall for a good photo opportunity. We started the day with a jungle navigation exercise where we took turns at leading the team through the dense jungle, occasionally the ‘blind leading the blind’. With trees such as the Wait-A-While to contend with (so called as it takes ages to untangle oneself from its ferocious prickles) it was slow going and really sweaty work.

hot, humid, hard work

Before dusk we erected our hammocks and, needless to say, covered them from top to bottom in mosquito repellent which seemed to do the job as most of us had a good nights sleep. On Tuesday we had lessons on survival methods and learned how to build all sorts of different shelters and water traps using nothing but natural resources. Describing my first experience in the jungle – “hot, humid, hard work, enjoyable and a completely different world”.

Aiden Gill

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