Sabah Salute – Crocodile Dundee

river crossing

Saturday 6th August – Brunei

“Today saw the intrepid Trekkers venture to the pool to check that all could float without a life jacket! Military swim test completed we moved on to the more adventurous side of our river crossing in the murky crocodile infested river which looks something out of Crocodile Dundee. Theory absorbed and demonstration watched with anticipation of an incoming croc attack, we took to the water four at a time!

All made it successfully across with some interesting techniques. Now armed with river crossings we look forward to our first night out in the jungle come Monday.” – Harry Hyslop

crocodile dundee?

“Today we started at 05.30 am with a run to help acclimitise. This was followed by the Military Swim Test before we were let loose to practise what we had been taught. With the “Crocodile Watchmen” armed and aboard a safety boat we used our kit to make rafts. Everyone made it without incident so we still have 14 members ready to move on the next part of the expedition.” – Sarah Sanderson

no crocs here

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