Have you tried – Downhill Scootering?


When is a rucksack not a rucksack? –  When it’s a scooter.

Cross a rucksack with a downhill machine and what do you get? – The Mountain Downhill Scooter

There were a number of Mountain Scooter being trialed at the recent Outdoor trade show in Germany. Yes, I know  the question went through my mind, do we need any more devices on our mountains.

The Bergmonch was the first to arrive on the market two years ago, followed by the Mountainskyver and the latest addition to the market Ortovox.

Climbing uphill they carry like a rucksack – for descents they mutate into a scooter x bike. Either stand on the pegs or kneel, the bag itself forms a sling for the knees. Front and rear disk brakes and full suspension on both wheels.

Uphill it’s a rucksack. Unfold in 2 minutes and then roll downhill effortlessly in an action-packed descent.

When is a rucksack not a rucksack


“Going uphill you can climb unrestricted, with hands and senses free, then swoosh back down to valley level either standing or kneeling according to the terrain!” Bergmonch

Where did the name Bergmonch come from? You carry the bike up the mountain and then kneel for the descent like a monk.Bergmonch‘, German for ‘Mountain Monk

Thank you to Tobi Heider at Bergmonch for use of the photo’s

Have you tried – Downhill Scootering?

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