Vic’s Big Walk

A grandfather goes for a walk from SW France to NW England…

Last year Craig the then Rohan Ambleside Manger now Regional Manager, told us about a chance meeting he had in Rohan Ambleside with Vic Heaney.

Vic lives in the Pyrenees and he told Craig he was planning to walk from his home in the Pyrenees to the house where he was born, in Blackpool. That’s 2,000 miles. The objective was for him to do the walk in seventy days, thereby arriving on his seventieth birthday. It was to be  a charity walk and the funds would be for pancreatic cancer research – he lost his first wife to this horrible disease.

Craig has just told us Vic completed his walk and has just published his story of the 2000 mile walk with his e-book. The title of the book is Vic’s Big Walk, every purchase will help him to raise more funds to help conquer pancreatic cancer.

Vic told Craig…
“By the way, I really needed that Rohan waterproof cape I bought from you. Out of 44 days I walked in France, only 5 were without rain”

Congratulations Vic  – What’s Next?


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