Sabah Salute – The Journey Begins

The 14 strong expedition team

Team departure 0500 hrs, next stop Brunei via Singapore.

The 14 strong expedition team comprises of officers and soldiers from the Royal Regiment of Artillery, both Regular and Territorial Army, male and female. Rohan have kindly provided support to our expedition with Expedition shirts,trouserspants and Drylocker bags which we will be using throughout. We start with acclimatisation with some of the best jungle training the British Army has to offer in Brunei (river crossings, survival skills etc) before heading into Sabah. In addition to the trek we have raised money to sponsor an orang-utan for the next five years and will be doing so at the reserve at Sepilok.

If we all do our bit, maybe we can help such a beautiful unique ecosystem survive the inevitable environmental demands placed upon it.

Follow our adventures on We will be updating Rohantime on a regular basis.

Claire Curry, Royal Artillery Expedition Leader.


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