Paeng Pai… Too Much!

Tuk-Tuk Chiang Mai, Thailand

We still haven’t quite worked out crossing roads!

Amy and I have checked into a traditional Thai wooden guest house run by a very friendly local family. A little spartan but it suits us down to the ground and for only 4 pound a night too!

We had an interesting experience today risking the highways by bicycle! If you think London by bike is harrowing try over here, especially as the brakes didn’t work and the frame was held together with rust… oh and it was a women’s bike! Great fun though, in hindsight once your legs have stopped shaking. However I think its a little safer than in the UK as the bike is a more plentiful form of transport which people take more notice of on the roads (just follow someone who looks like they know what they are doing).

On the subject of transport we still haven’t quite worked out crossing roads! Yes there are zebra crossings but no-one takes a blind bit of notice unless you are square in front of their bonnet. We’ve had a few hairy moments believe me.

In terms of kit I must sing the praises of the humble Rohan Buff. Could you have a more adaptable piece of kit? Hat/balaclava when its chilly, sweat band when hot, legionnaire cap accompaniment, mini towel, sweat rag, eye mask (especially useful on the sleeper train between Bangkok and Chiang Mai when they don’t turn off the lights)…to quote the late George MacDonald-Fraser “…if you could boil water in it it would be perfect.”

That’s all for now,

Laa Kawn

MattRohan Winchester

P.S the most helpful phrase when dealing with Tuk-Tuks has to be ‘paeng pai’…’too much’!

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