Have you been to Chiang Mai yet?

Monks and a Tuktuk Tha Pae Gate Chiang Mai Thailand

I am typing this post whilst escaping the mid-day heat in a Chiang Mai cafe.

Its quite a culture shock when you first arrive in Thailand but I have adjusted well. We, my girlfriend Amy and I, started in Bangkok for the first couple of days. It is very much a love/hate city, swinging between the two hourly. We prefer Chiang Mai (in the north) which is much more relaxed, open and with some good trekking regions nearby.

I am fully kitted out with Rohan gear and putting it through its paces. The Elite Trousers and Ultra Silver T’s are worth their weight in gold (which is not much I know but the sentiment is there) taking considerable punishment and drying in no-time. The trousers are especially good being airy enough for the heat and thin enough to roll up into shorts for the day (without looking silly) and down again for visiting temples. I was also surprised how they didn’t rip when they snagged on plants when we were chased by an elephant down a jungle path with the guide shouting ”run”… but thats another story.

Amy is loving her Windshadow Jacket which has stood up to some pretty hefty torrential downpours in the jungle without wetting out! Even I was surprised when another guy on the trek had a very similar jacket which let water in after an hour. Her Trailblazer Convertibles have been fantastic too and very comfortable. We were worried they may be too hot but this has not been the case.

Anyway, we’re off to climb the 306 steps to the top of Wat Phrathat Doi Suthep in the surrounding mountains.

Will post more later,

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