Flashback the History of Rohan Clothing

Rohan Taiga80 Jacket from the Rohan 1980 Catalogue

I have just added the Rohan 1980 catalogue to the growing Rohantime Heritage Collection

As I was doing this it struck me that the development of the range over those first eight years from 1972 was amazing. The range had grown from a single garment the Salopette (below)  into a sophisticated garment collection.

The First Rohan Catalogue

Looking through this today it is hard to believe it was over 36 years ago.

The Super Salopette, Super Striders and Tundra Jacket had been refined and evolved into a very sleek, functional group of garments. All produced from unique Rohan fabrics. More details on the Tundra history

We had started to use Gore-tex in both  Taiga’80 & Prairie jackets and leg wear (Rain Salopette & Splashers). Not many of these actually came to the market.

The Rohan Pampas had evolved. It now weighted in at 650gms, produced from a very tightly woven Terylene/Cotton very near to Airlight, still used today.

From the catalogue…

Pampas  if there’s room for a piton, there’s  room for a Pampas! – Paul Howcroft

This catalogue illustrated how 1980 really was the spring-board for the very rapid growth that was ahead during the early 1980’s.

Rohan Bags had come onto the market.

If you are interested in the history of Rohan take a few moments to scroll through the catalogue on the gallery

Read more about Rohan History on Rohantime

Visit Rohan Keswick home of the unique Rohan Originals Collection and see some of these garments and many other great examples of early Rohan Clothing.

Sarah Howcroft – Co Founder Rohan


Rohan Heritage

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