Reuse unwanted outdoor gear

repair reuse recycle outdoor gear

What do we do with all our unwanted outdoor gear?

Explore Red (Re-Use, Explore, Discover) has been set-up to research and promote the re-use of outdoor clothing, footwear and equipment after it has been used by the original owner.

Rohan is a founder member of Explore Red.

Explore Red is conducting a short survey on our thoughts in relation the re-use of redundant but functional outdoor gear. They would really appreciate our help with this survey as it will give us all a greater understanding of the social and environmental benefits of seeing outdoor gear being used for a second or third life cycle.

Fill in the survey and be in with a chance to win some great outdoor gear.

Read more about  the current Rohan reuse opportunity at Rohan Keswick – drop off any piece of used Rohan clothing to either Rohan Keswick or Keswick Oxfam,  in exchange receive a discount voucher off any new full price clothing and accessories at the Rohan Keswick shop on Lake Road.

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