Rohan Ambleside and Fix The Fells

Rohan Ambleside Fix the Fells

Rohan Ambleside lends its support to ‘Fix The Fell’s’ supporters day 28th June 2011.

Fix the Fells told us:

Fix The Fells RohantimeFix the Fells and High Wray Basecamp would be nothing without the help given by all our supporters. Many of these are local businesses who sign up via an ‘opt out’ scheme operated by Nurture Lakeland to give a percentage of their profits to conservation work in the Lakes. So, to thank them and give a better idea of what their money goes towards we had a ‘supporter’s day’ yesterday. After meeting up and giving a bit of background on the Fix the Fells project and our work here at Basecamp, we were out trying our hands at drystone walling for the afternoon. The good weather helped but everyone had a good day and it’s something we hope to do again. Thanks those from Storrs Hotel, Rohan, Langdale Leisure and Wild’n’Style Yurts for coming along – maybe we’ll see more of you in the future!

Paul – Rohan Ambleside

Pictured far left our very own Chris has a go at ‘drystone walling’… Well done Chris!

Rohan Ambleside Fix the Fells support day

Rohan Ambleside Fix the Fells walling

Rohan Heritage

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